October 11th
17:15 CEST
III SESSION – Principle three: communications policy
Michele Crisostomo
Chair, ENEL
Lawyer since 1997, he joined Clifford Chance in 1995 and, after an experience at the Intermediaries Division of Consob in 1997, he became partner of the law firm in 2003. In 2009 he was among the founding members of RCCD law firm (now Cappelli RCCD), with offices in Milan, Rome, and London, where he still works as partner. Chair of Enel’s Board of Directors since May 2020, he also chairs Enel’s Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee. In October 2020 he joined the Community of Chairpersons of the World Economic Forum. In December 2020 he was appointed member of the Italian Corporate Governance Committee and in May 2021 he was appointed member of the Committee of Market Operators and Investors (COMI) established by the Italian Supervisory Authority Consob. From December 2020 to October 2021 he was Co-Chair of the B20 Italy 2021 “Integrity & Compliance” Task Force. In December 2021 he was appointed member of the B20 Indonesia 2022 “Finance and Infrastructure” Task Force.